Four years can feel like a lifetime.

When I originally launched the Resist Collection in 2016, I was responding to the election of an administration that degrades women. My goal was to support reproductive rights by donating proceeds from the collection to Planned Parenthood. It was the first time I used my platform to be an advocate for social change and it was only by vocalizing my beliefs that I came to realize how important it is for Eriness to represent something greater than jewelry.

I have been fortunate to speak with so many women about what Resist means to them. I learned that Resist is a powerful tool, a one-word battle cry to capture the urgency and importance of standing up for what is right. It’s a word that demands and inspires action and a word we must rally behind.

Against the backdrop of the most pivotal election of our lifetime, the world feels like it has reached a breaking point. Immigrant families seeking better lives are separated and locked away, people of color continue to be brutalized and killed for the color of their skin, women’s clinics are being defunded and LGBTQIA+ individuals still face erasure, all the while our climate change rages on amidst a global pandemic. What started as a mission to support reproductive rights has grown into something much larger.

With this in mind, I am proud to announce the launch of a new Resist Collection that will continue to support Planned Parenthood as well as two other incredible nonprofit organizations: the ACLU and Color of Change. We are excited to announce that the Eriness shopper will be able to select which of these three organizations they would like their donation directed to.

Each of these organizations do monumental work to better the world around us and I am so honored to support their fight as we continue to RESIST.


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