Ladybug Collection

When you lose the most important thing in your world, sometimes the smallest of symbols make all the difference. To me that symbol is a ladybug.

This past year, I lost my mother. She was the most wonderful, loving and magnetic thing in my life. So much of Eriness is a reflection of her. She was my inspiration, my guiding light and my biggest fan.

Just before she passed, I had the most vivid dream in which I was surrounded by millions of ladybugs. Little did I know, that same night an 80 mile by 80 mile swarm of ladybugs was flying over my house. I have always had an unexplainably deep connection to ladybugs and since that dream, ladybugs continue to present themselves when I least expect them and need them most.

This Ladybug Collection is for my mom. It’s a reminder of her love, strength and protection. They say when a ladybug lands on you that you’ll have luck for as many years as there are dots on that ladybug. More than luck, I see ladybugs as a reminder of gratitude, as luck is not infinite and the most important thing is to be grateful for the people and love in our lives.

I hope when you wear your ladybug it brings you strength, protection and gratitude as mine does for me.


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